Standard ceramics
Solutions for different layers of standard ceramic bodies especially engobes and glazes
Technical ceramics
Solutions for a wide variety of technical ceramics and many different applications like grinding media
Solutions for shaped and unshaped refractories for very high temperature with corrosion and erosion resistance
Technical ceramics
Solutions for high-temperature technical ceramics characterized by a high chemical resistance
Solutions for polishing with controllable abrasive power
Flame retardant
Solutions for flame retardancy of many industrial products like wires and cable coating.

Standard Ceramics

Standard ceramics like tiles, sanitaryware, tableware, etc. are extensively used in everyday life. These ceramics can be made of different ceramic raw materials and each of them provides different sets of characteristics. One of the important materials for manufacturing these parts is aluminum oxide which can be used as a key material for creating certain properties.

Ceramic bodies are usually made of different layers and each layer has its own task. The first layer is the body. This layer is the main layer of ceramic shapes and provides the general shape of the ceramic body and its mechanical strength.  Alumina is usually used in this layer to provide high performance, it can improve mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance. These features are necessary for intensive-use tableware and sanitaryware.

The ceramic body can be covered with different layers of coating like engobes and glazes. Engobes and glazes are a very important part of the ceramic manufacturing industry. Glazes determine the final appearance of a ceramic shape. Glazes can be glossy, matt or semi-matt and transparent or opaque. Alumina is a very important component of glaze composition and properties of calcined alumina like degree of calcination can determine glossiness and degree of opacification of the glaze.

These coatings can provide other properties like high mechanical resistance, wear resistance, chemical stability, etc. Alumina can create all these characteristics. Alumina is a very good choice to create anti-slip properties in ceramics esp. for tiles that are used in kitchens, bathrooms and pools. Aluminum oxide also can be used for digital printing and paint additives.

In short, alumina is a very important material to use in different layers of standard ceramics. ALPHA offers a wide variety of calcined alumina and alumina-based products suitable to use for manufacturing standard ceramics.

ALPHA calcined alumina and alumina-based products made with care and precision are the best choice for manufacturing standard ceramics.


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