Technical ceramics
Solutions for a wide variety of technical ceramics and many different applications like grinding media
Solutions for shaped and unshaped refractories for very high temperature with corrosion and erosion resistance
Standard ceramics
Solutions for different layers of standard ceramic bodies especially engobes and glazes
Technical ceramics
Solutions for high-temperature technical ceramics characterized by a high chemical resistance
Solutions for polishing with controllable abrasive power
Flame retardant
Solutions for flame retardancy of many industrial products like wires and cable coating.

ALPHA Applications

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Shaped Refractories

Shaped Refractories like bricks, blocks, liners, nozzles, orifices and tiles need different grades of calcined alumina for their application in furnaces, boilers, crucibles and etc. ALPHA products meet Shaped Refractories requirements with precision.

Unshaped Refractories

Castables, refractory plastics, ramming material, gunning mix, refractory clay and any other types of unshaped refractories are in dire need of different kinds of alumina-based materials. ALPHA offers a wide variety of products suitable for these applications.


ALPHA ensures high-quality alumina materials for producing catalysts which are necessary for different industries.

Grinding Media, Lining & Wear Parts

Any parts that are exposed to wear need to be made of wear-resistant materials. ALPHA offers different grades of calcined alumina and alumina-based products ideal to use as grinding media, lining and wear parts.

Spark Plugs

The insulation layer in spark plug bodies can be made of ceramic materials with Certain properties like high electrical insulation. ALPHA alumina products are an excellent choice for this application.

High Voltage Insulators

The reliability of power distribution systems depends on the quality and reliability of their insulator materials. ALPHA offers high-quality calcined alumina ideal to use as high-voltage insulators.

Honeycomb ceramics

Honeycomb ceramics are one of the most advanced ceramic parts and need high-quality raw materials. ALPHA alumina products are an excellent raw material for these ceramics.

Investment Casting

Investment casting is an ancient and effective way of manufacturing various metal parts. Shell-building materials are very important in this process and ALPHA can provide different grades of alumina products as shell-building materials.

Whitewares and Tiles

Whitewares like tableware and sanitaryware and tiles are a prominent part of every life. Manufacturing of these parts requires a high amount of ceramic materials esp. alumina. ALPHA produces different grades of calcined alumina and alumina-based products which meet this industry’s requirements with precision.

Engobes and Glazes

Engobes and glazes are a vital part of ceramic product manufacturing and enhance these parts’ performance significantly. ALPHA produces high-quality alumina materials befitting for this application.


By producing calcined alumina in precise purity and size distribution, ALPHA provides different grades of polishing materials for every industrial polishing need.

Flame Retardant

Lots of industries like construction, cables and wires, automotive, etc. require high amounts of non-toxic flame retardant filler. Alpha offers different grades of aluminum hydroxide (ATH) as an excellent flame-retardant filler for polymers.