with the best equipment for the best quality
of diverse electrofused products from different minerals
for maximum reliability of product specifications
for green techniques for our green earth

Fused Minerals; Alumina, Silica & Magnesia compounds

A sodality of skilled personnel with excellent equipment

ALPHA is a trustworthy brand for manufacturing high-quality and diverse electrofused minerals.
Producing electrofused products which are trusted by customers in a wide variety of industries is our goal.  Precision in production, never-ending research and development and reliable customer support are our core principles that ensure our customers to choose us for their needs.

For quality, consistency, and our customers’ trust!



Shaped Refractories

Shaped Refractories like bricks, blocks, liners, nozzles, orifices and tiles need high-purity electrofused minerals for their application in furnaces, boilers, crucibles and etc. ALPHA products meet Shaped Refractories requirements with precision.

Unshaped Refractories

Castables, refractory plastics, ramming material, gunning mix, refractory clay and any other types of unshaped refractories are in dire need of different electrofused materials. ALPHA offers a wide variety of products suitable for these applications.


ALPHA achieves a high level of quality and guarantees excellent abrasive properties by using our abrasive grade materials especially white and brown fused aluminum oxide.

Polishing & Blasting

By producing electrofused products in precise purity and size distribution, ALPHA provides different grades of polishing materials and blasting media for every industrial polishing need.

Coating & Wear Resistant Additives

ALPHA ensures that our product can work splendidly as a filler material for paint and coatings. They can improve wear resistance in paint, coating and any other material surface.

Ceramic Bodies & Shells

Lots of ceramic bodies and shells esp. ones operating at high temperatures require suitable material for achieving desired properties. ALPHA offers different grades of electrofused products ideal for producing ceramic bodies.